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20 years ago I was bitten by clay for the first time and devoted myself mainly to sculptural work at the kitchen table. After many courses combined with some soul searching I found my true passion in turning. And so Nomadic Ceramics was born.


Meanwhile, Nomadic has evolved into a Ceramic Design Atelier where we are constantly working with different colleagues on new collections, our own color design, not to mention our furniture 3d clay printed.

We also have our own mold shop where no challenge is too much.


We also regularly collaborate with artists, interior specialists and architects .


In addition, we also proudly call ourselves an Academy where we can teach you the principles of turning or come and challenge yourself to more .




Kolvestraat 28b-  manufacturing studio

Zwarteleertouwersstraat 10 -design atelier- 

8000 Brugge 


Tel: +32 468 27 11 66  

thank you

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